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A photo, a poem & a playlist for Winter Reflections

The Birth of Pure Consciousness

The woman becoming mother laid on the ground

Pulled to the earth, taken by the force of her own body's power

So there we sat with her

The wave passed and she said to no one, "This is teaching me so much"

The man becoming father comforted her

Held hands saying "The place beyond fear, where nothing can touch"

And spoke their child's name as it was written on the delivery room board in Sanskrit:

"Chaitanya, Pure Consciousness."

photo and words by me, shared with permission

Hello sweet friends - I feel excited (& vulnerable) for my first share with you. Especially at this time, the start of winter, the end of a year full of grief & growth. The natural world (hey, that's all of us) winters with rest and turning inward. Branches stretch bare against a dull sky, air is crisp, soil is hard. It's the earth's alter to the Dark Mother archetype, she who cares for the sick and dying, who nurtures with the medicines of sexuality and grief, and brings deep transformation. For even in the stillness of winter, buds of growth stir beneath the soil. I put together a playlist of the songs I've been moving and reflecting to. They aren't quite sulk jams, but they're definitely in a winter kind of vibe. My hope is they slow you down, support you being with yourself, exploring your wintery parts, reflecting on what is stirring in the soil of you.

(Note: You'll find THREE songs by Julianna Barwick from the album Healing Is a Miracle, because it is my favorite album of 2020. 1000% recommend a deep listen to it.)

I've dropped many leaves this year and definitely feel laid bare against a cold sky. Much is stirring within the soil of me. I'm continuing my education to better serve birthing people, those who have experienced sexual boundary violations, those integrating difficult births, and expanding offerings for folks in transformation outside of birth. I'm also doing plenty of big dreaming. More on that next month...

Until then, sending you love and all the good stuff. EA PS - This was first shared to folks who have joined my email list. I won't put all shares on this blog, so sign up here to get them directly. Feel free to share with others and tag or credit me! More heartfelt connection via email in the year ahead. ❤️

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