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Nursing school and working with birth, death, dreams & psychedelics

Updated: May 19

I started nursing school a few Mondays ago. The decision came in a flash vision in December. I'll tell the full story someday.

I do not know where the path is leading. To say I do would be a lie. It unfolds before me and I walk it in the dark. My curiosity is the lantern, my body is the compass. I follow feelings and only see a few steps ahead. I trust it fully.

What I do know for certain is that I want more knowledge and tools. To be closer to the places where life, death, & healing happen. I want to be with people I might not have the opportunity to connect with only working with private clients.

I want to know the body deeper. Learn more about how it stores and reflects our experience, how we can care for it and provide it what it needs to move toward balance. I want to keep mapping and exploring non-ordinary reality & the altered states of consciousness that surround birth, death, dreams, & psychedelic medicine. I want to be with people in these spaces. Anchoring. Reflecting. Caring for. Bringing light, play, & reverence.

May we see & feel ourselves more there. May we find wisdom & love. And may we bring what we find there into all corners of life.

Now that I am in school full time, I am limiting the number of birth clients I'll be working with. I am shifting to 1-1 sessions that offer doula-like care to more people across more situations.

A session would be supportive if you are:

- Tuning into your cycle for family planning or birth control

- Interested in conscious conception and how to prep body, mind, and heart for the journey to parenthood

- Pregnant and looking to find guidance, comfort, planning for birth or postpartum and tools to regulate your nervous system during birth and early parenthood

- Postpartum integrating your birth story and new identity as a parent

- Recovering from a difficult birth

- Navigating daily stress and seeking tools to find calm and joy

- Tuning into your dreams, looking for space to explore their symbolism or support starting a dream practice

- Stepping into non-ordinary states of consciousness through meditation, breath work, or other practices and integrating those experiences into your ordinary reality

- Navigating loss of any kind and looking for support and tools for regulating your nervous system

No two sessions look alike. We co-create them based on what is present for you. I pull from training in relational mediation, Somatic Experiencing™, Reiki, and experience as a full spectrum doula. I can provide resources, knowledge, and advice, or we can just be with what is. Sessions let you set dedicated time aside to slow down and be with yourself and a loving other. Enough space for your wisdom to reveal itself to you. Making the space for awareness is all you need to do, the rest unfolds from there.

Book here.

More on Somatic Experiencing™...

Somatic Experiencing is a trauma resolution modality that explores how we hold stress or trauma in our bodies and seeks to guide gentle completion or discharge so they can be released from the body, freeing people to live in the present and have greater access to their vitality.

Working with this modality helps us learn how to slow down our experience and track what is happening in the present moment. What sensations are present in the body right this moment? What emotions? What meaning have we made of it all? As a practitioner I help create a safe container to start looking at these responses and observing how they cycle in real time. As we watch ourselves experience stress, and then find safety and resolution in a moment, we begin to build confidence. It is like going to the gym and strengthening a muscle. This can help us be more flexible, more resilient, and ultimately more open to experiencing our own aliveness.

If you are interested in exploring this modality to manage everyday stress, start to bring your habits or patterns into awareness, and learn how to develop greater resilience, grab some time on my calendar.

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