1:1 Embodiment Sessions are 60 minutes and include:

✔︎ Intuitive Energy Medicine (Reiki)

✔︎ Body-Awareness + Somatic Practices

✔︎ Mindfulness + Relational Meditation

Together we co-create deep sessions that are uniquely you.


For creators and womb healers.

For all people in all phases of life.

Build awareness, self-trust, + resilience. 

Cultivate a meditation practice. 

I use my background in meditation, somatic + energetic healing to be with you where you are and let the intelligence of your being set the pace to guide you towards feelings of peace, vibrancy, + aliveness.

These sessions are for exploring and supporting anything you might be moving through in life, and inviting greater awareness into the body and how you relate to the world.


For people navigating reproductive health concerns, creative facilitation, conflict resolution, or those on a healing path who are inviting more connection + joy into their lives.


For birth clients, these sessions are used to work with fears or concerns and practice fully embodying the comfort measures and awareness that you will call on during birth.

We drop in to a relaxed state, and connect deeply with both your physical felt-sense experience (your soma or physical body) and your energetic body (spirit or, quite practically, the energy flowing in your system). Then we see what unfolds.

Helpful for managing stress, supporting womb space (injury, abuse, ancestral issues, traumatic birth), inviting in more creativity, aliveness, joy, connection to intuition and embodiment.




© 2021 Emmy Amash

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