Living a life means we get to roll around in all the yummy, messy stuff that makes us human.

We compost old experiences, shed past selves, and birth forth new ideas, new versions of ourselves and even new souls into the world. We celebrate. We mourn. 


I believe we are meant to do all of this with others.


Someone who can hold an anchor during a deep dive, a lantern for forging a path in the dark, a mirror for seeing yourself clearly.

I intend to be an anchor, a lantern holder, a mirror for others to gain clarity and move through their experience with greater confidence and ease.

I offer 1:1 sessions using somatic healing methods and relational meditation to support big life events and day to day stressors. I also offer doula care for all things reproductive health & loss.

I approach with playfulness and humor as well as reverence and deep respect for the most intimate parts of life. 

I intend to create a world where all are seen, loved, and thriving. Where humans live in respect and right relationship with themselves, each other, the earth, and all beings. This is the larger intention my work is built upon. I hope to co-create this future with you.



This doula is a true gift to babies and birthing people everywhere. I am Emmy's biggest fan and have recommended her to anyone on the path of conception, pregnancy, birth, or loss. She is wonderful.


Emmy is an absolutely amazing doula. She was recommended by a friend when I had to be readmitted the second night home from the hospital. She put my family at ease with her overnight care of our 4 day old son. Since then, she has been an incredible member of our "village" - we've learned that it takes a village! She is a calm, positive presence in our home and our son gets excited to see her. She takes the time to check-in with me and my husband. She has been a wonderful resource on a variety of topics. When he and I disagree on an issue (sleep training, feeding, swaddling, etc.) she has been thoughtful, impartial, and a great ally as we navigated new parenthood. If I could give her more stars I would!!


Emmy is a profound and compassionate healer with a medley of tools and teachings at her disposal. She has the unique ability to hone in on the roots of issues while also holding immense space for gentle navigation of healing.